Food Plating Techniques

Food Plating Knowledge: Plating Techniques

What is Plating Techniques?

  • Food Plating Techniques is a way of serving food by using the art of food presentation such as in processing, arranging, and decorating food to increase the aesthetic appeal on the plate.
Food Plating Technique
Plating Technique

5 Ways of Plating Techniques

  1. Classic (Clock Method)
  2. Landscape
  3. Free-form
  4. Organic Material
  5. Non-traditional and alternative receptacles

1.1. Classic (Clock Method)

  • Classic- clock technique- Main 3-9 (best at 6), starch 9-11, veggies 11-3 
  • Sauce placement typically on and near the main ingredient and a simple garnish

Classic Method
  • Taking inspiration from landscaped gardens, this linear arrangement of food is usually kept low and long
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1.3. Free-Form

  • Just like modern paintings, painting, or placing food with abstract style or natural on a plate.
  • Free-form-more fluid-natural-modern art

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1.4. Organic Material

  • Organic Material:  Using organic materials to plate food on for a more rustic feel.
  • Organic materials such as wood, slate, or stone can be used in plating to lend a natural element to your dish. 
  • When plating with organic materials, ensure the items are cleaned and sanitized thoroughly before use
Organic Material

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1.5. Non-Traditional/ Futuristic

Non -traditional/ Futuristic

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Plating Techniques Tips

1. First things first. 

  • The focal point of the plate should be all about the main ingredient. 
  • Support ingredients such as garnish, sauce, or vegetable should be there to highlight the main ingredient.

2. Try to use different shapes and textures 

  • Main Ingredient (protein), Side dishes (potato, rice, pasta, etc.), vegetables to garnish the plate that contrast the shape and texture of the dish.

3. Contrasting colors are necessary for a lively looking plate.  

  • Plates usually look appealing when they have 2 neutral colors and 2-3 bright contrasting colors.
  • Use your plate ware wisely.  
  • The best plate is white in color. 

4. Make sure the plate makes sense 

  • If your food doesn’t taste good, it will translate into the presentation. 
  • Only use components that add to the overall flavor and functionality of a dish.  
  • Never use a garnish that serves no purpose other than as a visual contribution

5. Practice and practice, the best part about practicing with food is it’s fun.

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